BHIM UPI App Download- Features, Use, Setup & Payment process explained

Since the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs 1000 paper currency notes in 2016 the present Modi government is working hard to promote the use of Online payment apps to tackle the scarcity of Paper currency in Economy. UPI Apps like BHIM APP is one of the official online payment apps which is launched by Indian Government to encourage citizens to use it for payments to make India go fully digital. With BHIM UPI App Download you would be able to transfer fund from one account to other in few seconds, Make payment at stores, Online purchase etc. And the best part of the BHIM App is you don’t even need any Debit/ Credit card for that. The BHIM App is linked directly to your Bank account and the payment will be deducted after your authorization for the services.

BHIM UPI App Download

In this article I am going to guide you the step by step process to download Bharat Interface for Money also know as BHIM UPI App, The features of BHIM APP, Setup process, Process to send money or Request money from other UPI App users. Believe me, nothing is simpler than UPI Apps to make payments. It is faster than your bank’s net banking for Online Payments Beside this there is some limitation of this app which we will discuss at the end of this article.


Features of BHIM UPI App-

There are many features that attract User to download and use it. Some of the features are listed below

  • Easy to Use.
  • You can make payments in few seconds at the store, Online purchase, Retailers or Merchants.
  • Directly linked to your Bank account.
  • You can check your Bank Balance online at any time.
  • Secured with 4 digits user-generated password.
  • No need for NEFT details to transfer money, Just UPI/ VPA Address is needed.
  • You can request money from anyone and the recipient of the request can make the payment with one click.
  • Recharge, Bill payment, Rail ticket booking can be done in few seconds using BHIM App.
  • Pay using QR code
  • Can be used 24*7 and 365 days.
  • Free of cost transfer of money and the Unlimited number of transactions.

Guide to download & Setup BHIM App-

Follow the step by step guide below to download BHIM App and set it up in a right way to use it

1- First of all download BHIM UPI App- Click Here

2- Open the app and select your preferred language ie. English, Hindi, Telugu etc.

3- Click on Next > Next > Let’s get started.

4- Now select the SIM (Which is registered with your Bank account) and click next button.

5- Wait for few seconds as long as the app is verifying your Mobile number is registered with any bank account (SMS Charges apply)

6- After the successful verification of the mobile number you will see a Success message in BHIM App.

7- Proceed to set up a 4 digit Passcode to access BHIM App.

8- Select the Bank in which you have an account and you want your BHIM UPI App to link it to.

9- Again select a 4 digit UPI Pin for security.

10- Now you are fully ready to use your BHIM App to transact online.

You can also try PhonePe app (a UPI App by Flipkart)

How to Send and Request money using BHIM App-

It is very easy to send money and Request money from other users using BHIM Application in few seconds the details are provided below

Send Money using BHIM App-

  • On the dashboard of the app click on Send tab.
  • BHIM UPI App download
  • On next page select the UPI/ VPA address in your list on which you want to send the payment.
  • Or you can also add the UPI address below.
  • Enter the amount that you want to pay using BHIM Application.
  • Enter your UPI Pin to authorize the transaction.
  • Wait for few seconds, Congratulation the money has sent.

Request money using BHIM App-

You can request money from other UPI App user within few seconds using your BHIM UPI App

  1. Click on Receive tab on the dashboard of the app.
  2. Enter the UPI/ VPA address from which you want to ask money.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Send the request.

Comparison between BHIM and NEFT

There are many advantages of BHIM application over NEFT transaction of your bank account check the comparison table below-

Can be used 24* 7 365 days a yearOnly working days
Free of ChargesCharges applied
Easy to use no need to have bank detailsYou must have bank details of recipients a/c
Instant fund transferTakes time
Request money from othersNo option to request money

Limitation of BHIM App-

Besides the end number of Advantage, there is some limitation of using BHIM UPI App, Check the limitations below

  • Fear of Unauthorized access
  • No limitation on the number of transaction
  • Directly linked to your bank account, If something goes wrong your hard earned money will be in danger.

So, This was the in-depth guide to the BHIM UPI App and their use. In case if you are facing any problem in using BHIM App then leave a comment in the comment box below and I will try to solve your problem at the earliest.

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